Photo: ©Pekka Utriainen, Heinävesi


1Race slope 450 m / 102 m

The race slope is the place for enthusiasts with a hunger for speed.

2Family slope 550 m / 102 m

The family slope has a varied profile which allows you to choose either a faster or a calmer route.

3Snowpark 600 m / 102 m

You'll find jumps, boxes and rails in a completely renewed snowpark which guarantees plenty of excitement for snowboarders and freestyle skiers. The snowpark has been designed to have a varied difficulty so there's something for everybody.

4Transition slope 700 m / 102 m

Through the Transition slope you can access the Beginner's slope. At the entrance of the Beginner's slope there are fences and 'Hidasta / Slow' signs which are to be obeyed.

5Beginner's slope 200 m / 25 m

Gentle, 200 meters long Beginner's slope is an excellent place for the children and the beginners to learn and enjoy skiing.

6T-bar lift
7Button lift
9Ticket sales & Equipment rental
10Covered fireplace
11Sled hill
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