Photo: ©Pekka Utriainen, Heinävesi


Cross-country skiing

You can access directly from Pääskyvuori to a network of well maintained cross-country skiing trails. Heinävesi municipality takes care of the maintenance of the trails. The lights go out in the Pääskyvuori side at 9 PM on Monday-Friday and Sunday and at 6:30 PM on Saturday.

Trails with lighting:
Pääskyvuori - town center - Pääskyvuori, 7,6 km
Trails on the icy lake:
Pääskyvuori - town center - Vasarasaari - Viitasaari - Haapakota - Pääskyvuori, 20 km

Observation tower

A beautiful landscape towards the lake and the clean nature of Heinävesi opens up from the observation tower situated on the top of Pääskyvuori.


Exploring the surrounding nature with snowshoes is an interesting option for downhill skiing in the deep winter when natural snow is plentiful everywhere. We have a couple of pairs of snowshoes that can be rented.

Snowmobile trails

Official snowmobile trails pass right next to Pääskyvuori. Heinävesi municipality is taking care of the maintenance of the trails.

Pääskyvuori - Town center, 6 km
Town center - Karvio, 12 km
Town center - Huuhkonvuori, 25 km
Town center - Sarvikumpu, 36 km
Town center - Savonranta, 55 km
Town center - Liperi, 63 km
The total amount of Kuikka-Koponen snowmobile trails in the municipality are about 170 km

Winter fishing

Ice fishing on a brightly shining snow of the lake is an unique experience. Winter fishing is also possible at Karvio and Kerma rapids. Ponds at Palokki and Mustalampi are good places to catch salmon also in winter.

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